6.01: Code of Ethics of the CICBV

Through its Code of Ethics, the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV) requires the highest standards of professionalism and ethics from its members; this safeguards the quality of service, be it business valuation, litigation support or corporate finance, provided to the public by CBVs. The Code of Ethics also forms the basis of disciplinary procedures through which allegations of misconduct are addressed.


Like most self-regulating professional bodies, CBVs in Canada adhere to a code of ethics, supported by the CICBV’s rules of professional conduct.


The CICBV’s code of ethics and rules of professional conduct lay out the Institute’s requirements for standards of:

  • integrity and good faith,
  • competence and due care,
  • independence and objectivity,
  • confidentiality, and
  • professional courtesy.


In the rare case that a member does not abide by the required standards, the rules of professional conduct set out the procedures whereby CBVs and/or the public may have their concerns addressed regarding the activities of a member.


Contact MVI if you require any further details of the CICBV’s Code of Ethics or visit CICBV Code of Ethics.