5.07: Restrictions On The Use Of Valuators’ Reports

When reading a business valuator’s report, it is important to recognize that the report was prepared for a specific purpose and that it is addressed to a specific client or a specific group of users. The use of the report for a different purpose, a different set of users, or both, may result in inappropriate decisions being made by those unauthorized users.

The use of valuators’ reports is usually restricted to the client and to the purpose for which it was prepared.

If properly written, the valuator’s report will contain a paragraph in which the restrictions are stated and in which the CBV will disclaim any liability for losses that may result from an inappropriate or unauthorised use of the report. It is important for an authorised user to limit the use of the report to its purpose, and to limit the report’s distribution to authorised users only.

Contact MVI if you are unsure of the restrictions contained in a valuator’s report, and how those restrictions could limit your use of the report.