Adastra Corporate Finance

Adastra Corporate Finance is a division of Maarschalk Valuations Inc established to assist clients with a range of corporate finance needs. Adastra’s role in a typical engagement may include engaging other professionals and may cover one or more of the following:

Business Transition

  • Succession strategy and planning
  • Transaction structuring and facilitation
  • Due diligence
  • Coordination of professional services

Corporate Finance

  • Working capital needs analysis
  • Equity / debt reorganization
  • Equity / debt sourcing

Business Planning

  • Strategic planning
  • Business plans
  • Income / cash flow forecasting

Business Analysis

  • Professional business assessment
  • Detailed SWOT analysis

Contract (part time) Chief Financial Officer

  • On a case by case basis, MVI may be in a position to provide the services of a part time CFO. The rationale is that we have the skills to provide strategic level financial leadership that is best utilized if the position carries weight within the organization: i.e. more than just a financial consultant, whose advice may or may not be acted upon, a part time CFO has a recognized and respected decision making role within a company. Being part-time, the position is cost effective and tailor made to the needs of the organization.