MVI offers a range of business valuation services, from basic overviews to in-depth reports. Reports establish the fair market value of the business and provide supporting assumptions, rationale, and calculations.


Objective and independent reporting for use in litigation or settlement efforts

Shareholder disputes, Marital disputes, Division of assets, Loss compensation, Guideline income


Valuation analysis and reports to support informed negotiations

Sales, Mergers, Acquisitions, Transfers to family members & employees, Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOP’s), Capital raising, Debt financing, Capital allocation for investment decisions, Shareholder agreements


Independent and specialized valuation reports to support complex restructurings

Corporate reorganizations, Tax freezes, Estate planning, Amalgamations

Guide to Understanding Business Valuators’ Reports

Demystify valuation report terminology, methods, and best practices used by Chartered Business Valuators (CBVs) in Canada.

A series of easy to read, one-page articles to guide lawyers, accountants, business owners, and other users through business valuators’ reports.

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2.1: Purpose of Business Valuators’ Reports

The first thing that should be looked at when reviewing a valuator’s report is its purpose. The purpose of the... View Article

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2.2: Valuation Dates in Valuators’ Reports

At the time a valuator’s report is requested, it is important to determine what valuation date is the most suitable.... View Article

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2.3: Assumptions Used in Valuators’ Reports

Assumptions, whether based on instructions to the valuator or based on the valuator’s judgment, are important in that they help... View Article

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